Michael Hunter - CCA Headmaster

Thank you for your interest in Central Christian Academy (CCA). As a ministry of Central Christian Church for more then 30 years, our mission is to partner with the local church and Christian families who desire both quality academics and a Christ-centered, biblically-based education for their children.

By the time a child graduates from high school, they will have spent more than 14,000 hours in a school setting being instructed and mentored by their teachers. Therefore, the choice you make regarding which school your children attends is one of critical importance, both from an academic point of view and, more importantly, in terms of character development. As Jesus said, “… everyone who is fully trained will be like his/her teacher.” (Luke 6:40) The faculty and staff at CCA are carefully selected for their academic skills and their Christian example.

In order for CCA to partner effectively with the home and local church, we believe that all three should be in agreement with the biblical philosophy and teaching of the school. Therefore, it is a requirement that parents be professing Christians and in full agreement with the school’s statement of faith, which reflects a protestant evangelical tradition. Parents must also be actively involved in a church that is in agreement with the school's statement of faith.

CCA is a fully-accredited member school of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), which is the largest association of Christian schools in the world today. Our accreditation with ACSI helps to ensure the school is spiritually, academically and operationally meeting predetermined standards of excellence which are objectively evaluated on an annual basis.

Partnering with the local church and Christian parents to prepare the next generation is an awesome responsibility. We appreciate that parents choose to partner with CCA to meet the spiritual and educational needs of their children. We count it a privilege to serve with you in this endeavor.

As you review the enclosed information, we invite you to contact our Admissions Office to find out more about the ministry of the school. It is our hope that you will come to discover that Central Christian Academy is deeply committed to our mission to educate and equip students to reach their full academic, physical and spiritual potential in Jesus Christ.

Shepherding His Lambs,
Michael Hunter, CCA Headmaster