Innovation Center

— Green Screen Room recording studio for class projects —
— Using Maker Lab to MAKE! —

We are extremely excited to offer students an updated space, the Innovation Center, to create, collaborate, learn, build, and demolish.

This improved space includes these rooms:

  • Maker Lab
  • Media Lab (This houses the 3D printer lab and Green Screen movie-making studio.)
  • Build/Demolish Lab
  • Collaboration Lab (aka “Lions Learning Lab – L3”)
  • an exit door to the Outdoor Learning Center
  • Library with over 5,000 items in circulation.

What you may see happening if you came by our Innovation Center (a.k.a. the “IC”):

Students and Teachers…

  • creating circuits with LittleBits electronics or Makey-Makey kits
  • printing items on one of our 3D printers

    — One of two 3D printers in the Media Lab —
  • constructing items out of different materials (duct tape, cardboard, Legos, 3D pens, pipe cleaners, construction paper and more…)
  • taking apart old technology to see what’s inside and sometimes re-purposing it
  • recording movies in front of a green screen with advanced movie-studio equipment or just an iPad

    — It’s a Take A Part-y!!! —
  • working in groups at whiteboard tables
  • collaborating with Chromebooks and a flat screen TV
  • using an interactive 65 in. touch-screen SMART panel to work on group projects
  • making hands-on items like cardboard automata, super cool wind tunnels, weather-proof house models, etc…
  • heading to the Outdoor Learning Center to begin a group session on plants, soil, the uses of a greenhouse and aquaponics facility, etc…
  • computer coding on an iPad with one of two DASH robots to accomplish a task/goal
    — Our IC sign with “I Spy” tank —

    — Students Programming DASH robots through a course —
— One of Two LEGO-Fun Walls —