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There are five fundraising priorities for the “Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders Endowment Campaign.”

All five play an in integral role in helping CCA prepare the next generation of competent, Christ-centered leaders who have the skills, character and work ethic necessary to lead and positively contribute in their homes, work places and communities.

The five categories are: Scholarships, Student Enrichment/Academic Program Support, Faculty Development, Athletics and Fine Arts.

Campaign Category Descriptions

Dr. Robert Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund (Goal: $2.5 Million)

Scholarships are the most critical funding priority for the school. Without financial support, many otherwise qualified students will never have the opportunity to attend a school like CCA where both academic and character development can excel. An endowment of $2.5 Million will annually generate funds to scholarship up to 50 deserving students, each year in perpetuity.

Student Enrichment/Academic Program Support (Goal: $500,000)

This fund will enable the school to enhance annual fundraising activities (i.e. CCA Lions Pride 5K/1M Fun Run, Read-A-Thon, etc.) to support the non-operational budget needs of our students/academic program. Items purchased with this fund would include technology upgrades, playground equipment, classroom equipment and curriculum enhancements.

Professional Development (Goal: $250,000)

Research in education regarding the most significant factor promoting a child’s academic achievement is that of a well-qualified teacher.  Skilled teachers affect a student’s learning more than any other factor, including class size, technology, facilities, or curriculum.  Funds generated by this endowment will assist our faculty in obtaining ongoing professional development to further his/her effectiveness in the classroom.

Athletics (Goal: $250,000)

A quality Christian education involves the development of the whole child, including their physical potential. Much can be gained from participation in athletic endeavors, both physically and spiritually. Proceeds generated annually from this endowment will help keep our students’ physical education opportunities functioning at a high level without increasing fees for these programs as the only means to do so.

Fine Arts (Goal: $250,000)

A well-rounded education would not be possible without an emphasis on the visual and performing arts. CCA has had a rich tradition of providing for both programs and the proceeds from this endowment will help ensure that continues to be the case for many years to come.  While many schools are cutting funding in this area, we desire to grow ours.

Mighty Men

In I Samuel and I Chronicles, the Bible mentions “David’s Mighty Men.” The exact number is in dispute, but there were at least 30 that all scholars agree to in the list whom God called to stand with David and give “strong support” to his ministry.

The exploits of these “mighty men” are well documented in several instances, giving credibility to their inclusion in the list.  Some fought with lions; some with giants; and still others were vastly outnumbered in battle and yet “stood their ground” as the Lord brought about “a great victory.”  (I Chron. 11:14)

The future leaders that CCA is preparing now in partnership with the local church and Christian home may one day, too, be counted as part of the Lord’s “mighty” men and women in their generation, just as those mentioned during the time of King David were.  They may not take up arms in a physical battle, but they will certainly be engaged in a battle for truth in a culture that is hostile to the truth.  And they will need the same degree of courage and integrity to face down their enemies as David’s “mighty men” did in their time of service.

Thank you for partnering with us in our “Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders Campaign” to raise up the next generation of “mighty men” (and women) to “stand their ground” as they engage their culture with the truth of God’s Word.  The cause is too important and the time too short to look the other way.   Of all the things you can invest your earthly treasure in, investing in the Kingdom of God stands at the top of that list.  “And where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

Contact Development Staff

For additional gift information or to schedule an appointment, you may contact Michael Hunter, Headmaster or Stephanie Owens, Development Administrative Assistant ( in the Academy office at 316.688.1161.