CCA Alumna – Class of 2012

Middle school can be a challenging time for a student. I’ve been there, but God blessed me with people and experiences at Central Christian Academy that made those years an incredible growing experience by preparing me for high school, and more importantly strengthened my walk with God.

The CCA trip to New Life Ranch brought so much healing to my life after I had just lost my cousin; being surrounded by my classmates and teachers at the camp will be a memory I will forever treasure. Similarly, I remember a day when I came into school while my dad was dangerously ill at a hospital. God knew just what I needed in that moment; my Bible teacher picked up on my rough day, stopped class, and led the class in prayer for my dad.

I am also thankful for the opportunities CCA gave me for leadership such as leading a bunch of younger students for field day. I am thankful for my history teacher making history come alive again. Additionally, I am grateful my English teacher challenged me to read books like A Tale of Two Cities, preparing me to read it again a year later in high school. The CCA speaking competition I participated in my 8th grade year helped me to write my student council speech my freshman year of high school. I’ve now served in student government for all four years of high school.

Finally, I built friendships with people who continue to be some of my closest friends today. Ultimately, I love CCA, and I am so thankful for the years God blessed me with there.