Jessika Mayer

There have been times since we started attending Central Christian Academy, where happenings have left me saying, “What school does that?!” I am overwhelmed once again by the love of the teachers for the families. I am reminded of the verse in John, “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be call children of God! And that is what we are!” (John 3:1) This love can only be demonstrated by those who understand this great love and love with this great love because they have personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

…I was reading a Facebook post of a woman who is defeating cancer and post after post, there was, “Thank you to (a CCA or CCAP family) for dinner tonight. I scrolled down, overwhelmed and proud to be part of a school who loves how Jesus loves. Then my overwhelmed sense of pride turned to an undone gratitude to Jesus when I read the first two posts…It began with a thank you to a CCA teacher and a CCAP teacher, who both brought this family dinner, first… [they] partnered together and coordinated meals for this sweet family in need…. In times like this, a school becomes a family. CCA is a great family to be a part of because of this great love that pours out all over the students and the families.

From walking the halls and hearing 1st grade classrooms bursting with songs to the Lord, to personally receiving a call from the Headmaster when your child has been gone from school for a week because of illness, asking, “Is there anything we can do for you?” What school does that?

From a teacher having lunch with her students because she sees there is an emotional struggle in the heart of the student, knowing he/she needs a little extra love and acceptance… What school does that?

From a teacher who tells her students, “You should wake each morning and say, ‘Good Morning, Lord!’” to a teacher who has students give prayer requests then spends time with those students teaching them how to pray over all the needs. What school does that?

… So in times when there are so many uncertainties in this world, I am thankful I am certain of one thing: my kids will attend a school that shows, experiences and operates out of the love of the Father God to his children. I know I will continue to be amazed as I have over that past nine years of having children in Central Christian Academy and CCA Preschool. My hope is my heart never grows cold or complacent when I hear stories of the love of the Father begin demonstrated through the school. I hope I am always sensitive and aware enough to recognize this love and say, “What school does that?”