CCA Open House

Raising children in today’s society is extremely challenging and choosing the right school environment can make a significant difference. At Central Christian Academy, we are privileged to partner with the Christian home and local church to educate and equip students to reach their full academic, physical, and spiritual potential in Jesus Christ.  Currently, CCA serves families of students in grades K-9, however, each year an additional high school grade will be added until we have our first graduates in 2022.


According to a research article published in Educational Leadership, effective teachers are the most important factor contributing to student achievement.  Although curricula, reduced class size, funding, family and community involvement all contribute to school improvement and student achievement, the most influential factor is the teacher.  At CCA, we are blessed to have highly-qualified faculty that daily model Christ-like character for students and truly care about each and every one.  Teachers and staff strive to challenge students in all areas and teach all subjects through the lens of a biblical worldview.


In addition to the required high school courses, CCA offers guidance services, internships, and dual-credit options to help students reach future college and career planning goals.  All courses have a well-developed curriculum built using resources from widely recognized and respected publishers.  Our Course Selection Guide provides a comprehensive overview of courses and resources for the full high school program and is available upon request.


There are many exciting happenings each day at Central Christian Academy and we want to share the experience with you.  On Thursday, March 7th, we will have an open house event.  Guided tours will be provided throughout the day, beginning at 9 a.m.  The final tour begins at 2 p.m.  No RSVP is required, and our goal is for you to give us an hour of your time to show you why CCA is an incredible educational option for your child.  Please mark your calendars and plan to see our school in action, from Kindergarten through 9th grade.  For additional questions, contact our Director of Admissions, Jennifer McCurdy at 316-688-1161 or email her at