Campus Quarterly

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in truth.

3 John 1:4

Welcome to a new school year on the Central Christian campus. Thank you for choosing Central Christian Schools to partner with your family in the mission to help educate and equip your children. We believe that providing a Christ-centered education that includes biblical worldview teaching based on God’s Truth is of upmost importance. With your partnership and with God’s leading, we pray that God will grow your children into young men and women of Christ-like character. Our hope is for each one of our students to know the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior and for the Lord to guide their hearts.

In the book Kingdom Education, God’s Plan for Educating Future Generations, Dr. Glenn Schultz defines “Kingdom Education” as a life-long, Bible-based, Christ-centered process of leading a child into a new identity and developing him/her according to the specific abilities given to him/her by Christ so that the child will be empowered to live a life characterized by love, trust, and obedience to Christ. Deuteronomy 6 is an exhortation to love and fear God by keeping His commandments and to pass this on to the future generations. There is nothing more important to the future of our children, our homes, and the church than the proper education and biblical worldview of our children and youth.

As the 2019-2020 school year launches here at Central Christian Schools, I want to address the continued changing climate in our churches, schools and homes. Secular worldviews continue to encroach all of these areas and as Head of Schools and a parent, I must be aware of and actively stand against all that it signifies.

There are many reasons why secular worldview is invading the areas we value and choose to protect, but the root of the assault is that Satan comes only to steal and to kill and to destroy (John 10:10). While Christians inhabit the earth, our job is to stand against evil, share the gospel of Christ’s saving grace, and to raise up our children in the training and instruction of the Lord (Eph. 6:4).

One thing that Central Christian Schools have been blessed with the past 38 years is a staff and faculty that personally understands, cares for and invests in the lives of students. They understand that young people are seeking authentic relationships and reasonable explanations to today’s difficult questions. Our staff is always praying for and implementing effective ways to build a strong influence with their students. We want to partner with you to help make active disciples of Jesus Christ by cultivating hearts, developing minds and impacting lives for His Kingdom.

We have a few opportunities coming up on our campus that we would like you to be aware of.  First, our monthly Dad’s Luncheon is coming up this Friday, September 13th. These luncheons provide a way for Central Christian men to connect with one another, enjoy a devotional, and help support one another in leadership in our homes.  Our luncheons are held the first Friday of each month from 12:00-1:00pm in the Crown Room. There is a $5.00 charge for lunch provided by our kitchen staff. I personally invite and encourage all men from JNA, CCAP and CCA to join us.

Secondly, RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries) is coming to Central Christian to hold an Apologetics Training Sunday, October 6th at 2:00pm. This session will be geared toward middle and high school students and parents, but all families are welcome to attend. Michael Suderman and Will Tant will teach students to share and defend their faith.

3 John 1:4 reads, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in truth”.

We want to grow a legacy of alumni who will live a life of faithfulness and deep, life-long relationships with Christ who are walking in truth. We covet your prayers for the administration, faculty and staff as we continue to invest in every child that enters the doors of our schools and for wisdom as we continue to navigate and battle the influences of the ever-changing culture.

Serving Him,

Michael Hunter 

CCA Head of Schools