Who are our children becoming?

I am a father to three young, beautiful girls. As a father of young children, I am always wondering who they will become. What will their personality be like? What will they enjoy doing? Will they love basketball and pizza? Will they enjoy the outdoors? Maybe they will hate all the things I love and blaze their own trail. Though I don’t know the answers to those questions yet, I do know that one day they will have answers. What I mean is that one way or another, my girls will have their own personalities, opinions, beliefs, and dreams. They will become their own person.

We are all in a state of becoming.

At a recent pep rally, we decided to honor our fearless teachers. My job in all of it was to find students and ask them what they had learned from their teachers. We would then write it on a sign and display it for everyone to see.

I went into each conversation expecting students to say something along the lines of, “My teacher has taught me algebra” or “My teacher taught me how to read.” I think these would have been normal and acceptable answers. However, instead many of the answers went much deeper. They said things like, “My teacher taught me how to do everything with excellence,” or “My teacher taught me to see myself as beautiful.” One student responded by saying, “My teacher taught me how to be a Christian.”

I began each conversation looking for simple answers that our teachers were doing their duty of preparing our students to be model and capable citizens. However, I left each conversation understanding the real lessons that our students are learning from our teachers. They are being taught to see themselves as valuable children of God, claimed and chosen to be his Holy ambassadors wherever they go.

Now, jumping back to the conversation about becoming. Who are my children becoming? Though there are many variables I cannot control, one thing I can control is who has influence over my children. I want people in my daughters’ lives who don’t simply teach them the patterns and rules of this world. I want leaders who live each day devoted to Christ as the examples that help teach my girls how to do likewise. I want someone to ask my girls someday what they have learned from their teacher, and I want my daughter to say, “my teacher taught me how to be a Christian.” That is why we chose CCA. That is what I see happening every day in the lives of our students. That is what I see happening to my daughters.


David Bond

Athletic Director

HS Bible Teacher