Donations Wish List

Athletic Program Wish List

Please contact Kenny Waddell, CCA Athletic Director/MS Principal, at to find out more about donating to support our athletic programs.
The following items are needed to enhance our P.E. and athletic programs:

  • Installing motor to raise the two main goals: $2000
  • New athletic uniforms for various sports: Contact Mr. Waddell for details.
  • High jump mat and standards: $7300
  • Scorer’s table for basketball: $2800
  • Padded basketball chairs:  $1000

These items are not necessarily listed in order of priority.

Music Education Wish List

Please contact Cheryl Knocke, CCA Vocal Music Instructor, at for detailed information.

  • Compatible Microphone headsets: There are a variety of flesh colored headset microphones that can be purchased for drama/musical productions compatible with the sound system and transmitters CCC / CCA already owns; Additional transmitters may need to be purchased also to accommodate microphones.
  • Vibraslap w/ Wooden Chamber: $19.95 -This vibraslap produces the “jawbone” sound effect.
  • Resonator Bell Cases - Wooden Case for Resonator Bell: 2 @ $170.00 each; $340.00 (We currently have 2 sets of resonator bells, but no protective case or means to store them.)

All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for consideration and support.