Second Grade

Second grade is an amazing year of academic, spiritual, physical, and social growth! During the 2nd grade year, we explore deeper the magnificent world God has created. Our major goals are to develop a love for learning and a commitment that each child will desire to know the heart of God.


In 2nd grade, we learn about the character of God and what it means to become Christ followers in our everyday lives through the study of Moses and Exodus. Positive Action Bible curriculum is an excellent reference tool. We incorporate salvation and other biblical truths into all subject areas throughout the year. Weekly Bible memorization is a critical tool in developing Godly character.


The Houghton Mifflin Reading text, Journeys, introduces the students to stories. We enrich our reading with chapter books that promote our history and science units.  An individualized leveled reading program is being developed that incorporates AR, goal setting, and reading responses.  The basal lessons also give practice and learning in comprehension, vocabulary and grammar. A multi-sensory teaching method makes grammar fun as the children recognize parts of speech.


Students will continue in building their knowledge of phonics through the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt curriculum.  Instruction and practice include print concepts, letter knowledge, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, phonics, word recognition, and fluency.


Students will have weekly spelling words which are not limited to memorization because the children can use phonic rules and spelling patterns, they learn in their phonics lessons.  The children are also challenged with using words in sentences.


Students will learn how to write in cursive, using instruction from Saxon Curriculum.


In addition to hands-on activities and manipulatives, our Sigapore Math develops skills from concrete to abstract, where children will begin to develop critical thinking skills.  Units of study include addition and subtraction facts; place value; regrouping for addition and subtraction, solving real-world story problems with the use of bar models to illustrate each, skip counting, graphing, counting money, telling time, fractions, plane and solid shapes, measurement, multiplication and division.

We encourage the memorization of Math facts.


CCA students learn about science from a biblical worldview. Second graders study the human body, vertebrates and invertebrates, life cycles, and weather.  Field trips and hands-on projects add to the fun of learning about our world.  Children also participate in STEAM activities throughout the year.

Social Studies

Our young historians learn the importance of our Christian heritage in the founding of our country. We use the Abeka, Our America, to introduce the students to the people who built our country.  We study the Separatists, colonists, pioneers, cowboys, and immigrants.  Additionally, students learn about America’s flag and other important national symbols.  Geography skills are taught as the children learn continents, the 50 states, oceans, and neighboring countries. Field trips enrich our study of history.

Enrichment Classes

We are blessed to have art, Spanish, STEAM, library, physical education and music classes scheduled throughout the week. These classes are taught by specialists in their field and in settings specifically designed for those activities.

Share Days

In second grade, we create special memories. Our students enjoy celebrating special units of study. One is a fun-filled event celebrating the novel, Charlotte’s Web Day.  Students also enjoy learning about Kansas state history. All second-grade classes prepare a Thanksgiving lunch and share the meal together.  Second graders participate in giving oral presentations over state reports, reading responses, and a heritage projects.