Jay and Emie Stehley

CCA has meant the world to our son and our family. We truly felt God led us to CCA and we knew in our hearts after our first meeting at CCA that it was the school God was calling our son to. That is not to say it was an easy transition for us and especially our son who was extremely anxious to start a new school. However, each of us now feels confirmed that CCA was exactly God’s path for our son.

The teachers, principal, and staff were beyond accommodating, easing our fears in the transition and providing as much information as we needed to feel comfortable. We now see a child coming home from school that feels good about himself. He feels loved, accepted and appreciated for who God made him to be. The love and blessing that CCA’s teachers, staff, administration, parents and students have poured on our son has not only impacted him but us as parents too. CCA lives Christ’s love and example throughout the school day.

As we learned, it is not just a portion of the school day dedicated to bible study but every single part of every single day they live it. It is extraordinary that in such a secular world our children can go to school and still be surrounded and protected by God’s love and truth in all that they do. We feel so honored and encouraged to witness God’s glory, love and grace shine through all parts of Central Christian Academy; the teachers, the staff, the administration, the parents and the students.

Oh the students…. I came home from one of my first field trips with my son’s class and was speechless. I have never witnessed a sweeter, loving, kinder class with hearts for Christ in all my life. They are exceptional children which is truly a testament to their wonderful parents and school. I could go on and on with personal stories of love and encouragement we have received from the CCA family. It has truly been one of the greatest blessings in our family, and especially for our son.