School Life


Jesus made clear through His words and like that His followers are to have a "servant's heart." It is a prerequisite for anyone who aspires to lead as well. At CCA, our students are encouraged to become more like Christ in every way, including demonstrating the heart of a servant.

At every grade level, our students are asked to serve each other. In the lunchroom, for example, our students are asked to help clean off the tables and throw away their own trash, etc. Students are expected to help keep our building and school grounds clean by occasionally picking up trash as well.

Students are also given the opportunity to reach out to the elderly through visits to nursing homes or music performances at these locations. Classes also participate in various mission/outreach projects such as Operation Christmas Child, Numana, Coat Drives, etc. This is particularly true during the holiday season.

CCA Students and their family and friends are invited to help fundraiser through community building and educational pursuits.