Kerry and Karen Swanson

Kristopher – CCA Class of 2012
Kristina – CCA Class of 2015

We were both raised in strong Christian families, but we both went to public schools. At that time, it was fine. But, times have certainly changed – our world is scary, and we need to arm our children as best we can. We not only wanted the best education for our children that we could afford, but even more than that, we wanted to ensure their spiritual growth.

We live in a nation built on Biblical principles, and yet our children can’t even say “One Nation Under God” in a public school. At home, we taught our children that Christ is the foundation, but we wanted to ensure that they received this message in every aspect of their education. At the time, our parents questioned the amount of money we were considering spending on grade school education.  But, we looked around us, considered the alternatives, and made the only decision that was logical. After a lot of prayer, God led us to a school called Central Christian Academy.

On our first short visit to CCA, we were blown away. The up-beat attitude of the teachers and staff, the respect given to us and our children by the students, and the warmth we felt was incredible. But, at the time, it put us in a difficult position. You see, we lived on the west side of Wichita, and the tuition was well beyond what we were paying at our previous school – a big stretch for us financially. We thought and prayed, crunched numbers, and prayed some more. Once again, we made another difficult, but logical decision.

After one semester at CCA, we were so pleased with our decision that we uprooted our lives, sold our dream home, and moved to the East side of town so our kids could be closer to their school. Again, this is another decision we do not regret. We wanted them to be near friends, near the school, and closer to the place that has had such a huge impact on our lives.

Our children loved CCA – they did great academically, they made wonderful Christian friends, and they learned to become eager witnesses of Christ. In fact, because of the efforts of the teachers and staff here, we were blessed with an un-expected result; our children became witnesses to us! They remind us daily that God is the center of our lives – something that was instilled in them by each and every staff member while at CCA. We have learned so much from them about our walk with Christ, and we have the family at CCA to thank for that.

Was it a sacrifice for us? Yes, of course. But, as we became part of the CCA family, it became less and less so – because we could see the investment we were making in their lives, and the result it was having on them, our family, and the community around us. No one will ever regret making such an investment in their children’s future!