6th Grade

Sixth Grade | Mrs. Powell – Mrs. Walters – Mrs. Rash

Sixth graders seek to share the light of Jesus! Our focus is to live as children of light, and our key verse is Ephesians 5:8-10. Because we love the Lord Jesus and trust in His unconditional love for us, we want Him to be in control of our hearts. The more we surrender our hearts to His Lordship, the more Fruit of the Spirit He can grow in our lives. Sixth grade is designed to be a transitional year to provide support and encouragement to our students and prepare them for seventh and eighth grades.


Are you ready to lead? Each month students take turns teaching, applying, and role modeling one Fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23). In this way, we are developing servant leadership skills and godly character. We seek the wisdom of God in Proverbs through a challenging Bible study book from Positive Action. Students grow in their walk with the Lord through a daily quiet time in Proverbs and then in the New Testament. As we wind up the school year, students take an in-depth look at Revelation as they prepare to be Christ followers and share His love with others. Bible verses from Ephesians are assigned each week.


Variety is the spice of life! In order to develop reading skills, higher order thinking skills and a life-long love of reading, the curriculum includes novel units, literature circles, and book projects. The novel units include among the Hidden, Hatchet, and The Cay. The end-of-book projects include missionary biographies, African-American biographies, and classical literature. Investigation and application of Biblical principles and truth are part of every unit to enhance moral development and a Christian worldview. Students deepen their comprehension skills and have a great time as they create projects, perform skills, and make personal connections with the stories they read. Technology is used through Google Classroom and project-based learning.


Author! Author! Our sixth grade authors write across the curriculum and utilize our Chromebooks in research and writing. Students are given focused instruction in vocabulary, grammar, and the writing process using the Shurley English text. A variety of writing assignments are assigned such as a persuasive essay, a biography, poems, a research paper, thought journals, personal reflections, and current events articles. Using the seven traits, each author is nurtured to further develop his/her writing skills. For vocabulary instruction, we use the Wordly Wise 3000 electronic curriculum.


We use Wordly Wise 3000 for spelling and vocabulary development. Students bring in concrete items to more clearly understand the meanings and uses of the words. Some challenge words are pulled from novel units and other subjects.


Our faith deepens as see the awesome creativity of our God revealed in mathematics. Along with our Harcourt HSP Mathematics text, we continue the use of manipulatives, computer presentations using a projector, individual white boards, and math journals to enhance comprehension. Math is taught for mastery. Subjects include number theory, data and statistics, fractions, decimals, percent, expressions and equations, integers, ratios, probability, geometry, and coordinate plane. Students apply the math skills they have learned to do projects related to every day life, such as keeping and balancing a checkbook.

Social Studies

Projects and special events breathe life into history. We’re excited to use a textbook series which is historically accurate and presents American and world history from a Biblical worldview. We use the A Beka Book History series called the New World: History and Geography in Christian Perspective.

Students enjoy working beyond the textbook creating personal timelines, 3-D maps, missionary cards, Civil War timelines, a South America PowerPoint, and a variety of other projects.


Our sixth grade scientists love to study the world God made and the principles He put in place to govern the universe. Our science textbook and activity manual published by the Bob Jones University Press is enriched with United Streaming videos and interactive websites. Students are taught how to use the scientific method and eagerly perform experiments, activities, and projects. Some of the projects include: a Periodic Table scavenger hunt; earthquake-proof structures; volcanologist inventions; and a plastic tube roller coaster.

Enrichment Classes

We are blessed to have Spanish, art, computer, library, physical education and music classes scheduled throughout the week. These classes are taught by specialists in their field and in settings specifically designed for those activities. Sixth graders also have the opportunity participate in band, honors choir, strings, robotics, and athletics.

Spectacular Sixth Grade!

  • Retreat at Rock Springs
  • Rolling Hills Wildlife Refuge in Salina, Kansas
  • Smoky Hills Museum
  • Raise funds for needy children
  • Visit with and sing to the elderly at nursing homes
  • Missionary biography skits
  • South American Fiesta
  • African American biography interviews