Objective: The students will have the opportunity to be introduced to and practice the necessary skills for art production. They will be able to utilize the skills they learn in class as well as to produce artwork independently.

Additional Activities: With each unit of study, additional art projects are designed as enrichment activities for the students who complete the required project. When the required project is completed, the student/students may work on the enrichment activities. The skills and concepts taught in art class may also be used to create effective visual presentations in other classes. Writing is incorporated into the art processes whenever possible.

Time Allotment:

  • Kindergarten: 40 minutes per day, 1 day per week
  • Grades 1 - 6: 40 minutes per day, 1 day per week
  • Grades 7 & 8: 45 minutes per day, 5 days per week for a 9-week session

Course Content: Each year the art curriculum at Central Christian Academy changes. The art teacher chooses a theme around which all of the projects for that year are designed.

Broad Objectives: The art curriculum at CCA has six major, generalized objectives which are broken down developmentally into specific areas of skill development and concept comprehension.

These broader objectives are:

  • All students will understand and apply media, techniques, and processes.
  • All students will use knowledge of structures and functions.
  • All students will choose and evaluate a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas.
  • All students will understand the visual arts in relation to history, different cultures, and as a display of their own faith.
  • All students will reflect upon and assess the characteristics and merits of their work and the work of others; they will make verbal/written
    observations about the role their faith plays in the analysis of artworks.  All students will make connections between the visual arts and other

Areas to be evaluated: The sensitive nature of art production and creativity make it very difficult to judge children's artwork from an objective point of view, especially when trying to encourage the growth of these areas in children. Rather than place the constraint of a letter grade on the children in grades K - 6th, it is the goal of the CCA art program to encourage self-evaluation of their own artistic productions using the following questions as guidelines. Students at the middle school level receive a letter grade that is based primarily upon the completion of the assigned projects. These students are also encouraged to use the following five criteria as part of the self-evaluation process for each work they create.

1. Did I follow directions?
2. Did I exhibit proper tool usage?
3. Did I use good craftsmanship?
4. Did I complete the project in a timely manner?
5. Did I complete the project according to teacher specifications?