In the Excel Literature & Writing program, students are challenged to use their God-given talents and abilities to their full potential. Students receive accelerated instruction as well as participate in enrichment projects. The small class size allows the teacher to carefully monitor student learning and provide opportunities for students to make their own literary discoveries.


Learning is approached through the study of a variety of novels. During the exploration of each novel, the plot structure, themes, character development, literacy terms, and vocabulary will be introduced, developed and practiced. An array of fun projects and creative writing assignments accompany each novel. Assignments are based on research from Bloom’s Taxonomy to cultivate each child’s critical thinking skills.
Assignments and class discussions also provide a forum for students to identify Biblical truth and apply these truths to the novel, real life situations and their personal walk with Jesus Christ.

Due to the smaller class size the teacher is able to closely monitor student progress and conference with each child individually to refine and develop thinking and writing skills. Students are also given opportunities to share ideas and benefit from the insight of other literature and learning.


  • A 95% or above on the reading/language portion of the Terra Nova assessment and classroom teacher recommendation.
  • Enrollment into the program is on a yearly basis. Re-enrollment requirements include: a “B” grade point average throughout the course and an Excel teacher recommendation.
  • A yearly evaluation of the student’s current academic standing and Terra Nova scores will be performed by the classroom teacher and school administration.