Soccer at Central Christian Academy is offered in the fall for boys and the spring for girls. Any student interested in being part of a team that gives the glory to God may join. We participate in the KCAA conference which includes fellow Christian schools as well as homeschool groups. In addition, we look to branch out and shine the light of Jesus as He leads by competing with numerous public schools throughout the year.

Teams consist of seventh and eighth grade athletes, and if numbers are short, sixth and fifth graders fill open slots in that order.

Boys Soccer

CCA boys’ soccer is a fall sport offered for 7th and 8th graders. Sixth graders are usually brought up to help fill the middle school B team. This program aids in developing a young man’s physical and spiritual growth on and off the field. As well as staying healthy, the coaches make sure good Christian values are upheld. Each year a theme is chosen to bring the team together and to further our knowledge of God’s Word.

Our boys' soccer program has won multiple KCAA championships over the past several years.

Head Coach: Marc Tucker – CCA Instructional Technology Director/MS Soccer Coach

 Girls’ Soccer

Soccer for girls is a spring sports option and offers a small but fun-filled schedule. We participate against other Christian schools fielding teams from the KCAA conference. Close-knit teams are a part of CCA, and this team is a prime example of that. While giving God the glory through our play, we also base team themes from Scripture. Seventh and eighth graders make up this team, but if numbers are low, sixth and fifth graders will help fill those spots in that order.

Our girls' team has also won multiple KCAA championships.

Head Coach: Marc Tucker –CCA Instructional Technology Director/MS Soccer Coach