5th & 6th Grade Sports

The fifth and sixth grade sports program is the first opportunity for competitive sports at CCA.  When participating, athletes have a chance to form new friendships with students in other classes. The teams are chosen by the athletic director and PE teachers. CCA typically has four girls' volleyball teams, three to four boys' basketball teams, and two girls' basketball teams. These teams play other private school and homeschool teams in the Wichita area.


  • Volleyball (Fall)
  • Basketball (Winter)
  • Soccer** (Spring)


  • Soccer* (Fall)
  • Basketball (Winter)

*This sport will be determined according to participation numbers. If numbers are low on the “B” middle school team, the coach may send out information to those kids interested in playing to come and tryout. Over the past several years, sixth grade students have made up a majority of the middle school B team.

**Soccer is not currently an intramural but is offered via tryouts on the middle school varsity team pending a count of seventh and eighth grade girls interested in soccer.